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Land Formations


I.  How was the cave made?


II.  Let's Make a model of a cave.

    A.  List of items needed:

  1. Play clay                                         9. weeds
  2. Play dough                                     10. leaves   
  3. Flour                                              11. herbs
  4. Salt                                                12. baseball ball or tennis ball
  5. Water
  6. Food color
  7. Pebbles
  8. Sand

III. Preparing the Layers of land Used In Making the Cave    

IV. Next you will place  another layer of land on top of your model of the cave.

V. Now its time to show how water is going to erode the layers of the model cave

    A. Remove the ball from the model.  Pour water on top.  Students can take turns pouring this water on top of the model until you see crevices and cracks develop in your model.

  1.    Each student pouring will equate to 100 years of erosion. This is purely a guess. 
  2.    Homework is to figure out how long it takes for water to erode land. 

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