Balloon Electricity


Shirley Cesair

This is an activity in which kindergarten through third grade students  will blow up a balloon and rub it against felt material to observe  which materials it will attract. To learn more about static electricity visit these sites for exploration and then answer these questions.  

What did you do with the felt and the balloon?

What happened when you rubbed the felt  on the balloon?

When the balloon passed over certain particles such as salt and sugar, what happened?

What  would happen if you would take a comb and rub it with cat fur and then scatter small pieces of paper under  the comb?

How did I test for the characteristic?

What did I experience?

Activity:  Write a story, poem or song about what you have learned about balloon electricity.

Scoring Rubric:

Communication: Written explanation for the solution process.

4  Complete written explanation  of the solution process.

3 Nearly complete of the solution process

2  Some explation of the explanation process

1  Minimal explanation.  Explanation does not match solution

0  No written explanation of the solution process

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