St. Edward School eighth grade science

This site will allow students the opportunity to use the Web to find information related to the units in the textbook.  Each of the five units will be covered as the year progresses.

Unit 1light bulb

  1. Electricity
  2. Magnetism
  3. Electromagnetic waves
In this chapter you will be studying electricity.  You will discover how electricity is produced and what it is used for.  We will start by doing a simple experiment on static electricity.

Take a plastic comb and rub it across the piece of wool several times.  Now hold the comb over the small pieces of paper and see what happens.

We will continue with the rest of the chapter .  Now you will use the computer to find a web site that  will give you further information.  Choose 

one of these sites and perform the experiment of your choice.

These sites will give you other information or experiments dealing with electricity.

In this chapter you will be studying magnetism.  You will discover the forces produced by a magnet and the role of magnetic fields.  We will start by doing a simple experiment using magnets found in your homes and  an assortment of metals.

Take each piece of metal and place it on your magnet.  Hold the magnet up and see if the piece of metal stays attached to the magnet.

As with the previous chapter we will continue with the lesson and then use the computer to find a web site that will give us further information.  You will choose one of the sites and report on one of the experiments.


In this chapter you will study electromagnetic waves.  You will learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, the wave model of light, and the uses of the energy carried by electromagnetic waves.  We will start by tuning a small battery powered AM radio between two stations so you only hear noise.  As you go from station to station in the lab describe what happens to the sound coming form the radio.

You will choose one of the web sites as before and report on the information on the site.

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