Activity 1

In this activity, you will convert the actual height of skyscrapers or the actual length of bridges and tunnels into a reduced scale of inches. The scale you will use is 50 feet  = 1inch; this is the ratio of 50/1.  Round all answers to the nearest hundredth.  To find the actual height or length, click on the name of the structure. Remember to keep the order of the terms the same in both proportions. 

Name of structure

Actual height or length


John Hancock Center    
Chrysler Building    
Petronas Tower    
Sears Tower    
Citicorp Center    
Sunshine Skyway Bridge    
Firth of Forth Bridge    
Golden Gate Bridge    
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge    
New River Gorge Bridge    
Channel Tunnel    
New York Third Water Tunnel    
Central Artery/Tunnel Project    
Seikan Tunnel    
Underground Canal    

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