Answers to Activity 2

1.  The ratio of butter to flour is 1/2.

2.  The ratio of pecans to confectioner's sugar is 1/4.

3.  The ratio of flour to white sugar is 2/2.

4.  The ratio of eggs to butter is 2/1.

5.  If you use 10 eggs, you will need 5 cups of butter.

6.  The ratio of marshmallows to sugar is 1 1/2 to 2.

7.  If you use 6 cups of marshmallows, you will need 8 cups of sugar.

8.  The ratio of buttermilk to Coca-cola is 1 to 1/2.

Warning:  These answers may not be quite correct, since they were calculated from a recipe that is no longer available on the web.

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