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A ratio is a comparison of two separate but related quantities.  For example, a pet store has seven animals available.  

Three are cats, and four are dogs.  These amounts can be compared several ways.  The ratios may also be written three ways.

Some of the ratios look like fractions (which are rational numbers).  Like fractions, these ratios may be reduced to lower terms or raised to higher terms.  They are left in fraction form and not changed to mixed numbers.  If there are ten parakeets and six hamsters, the ratio is 10/6 or 5/3.

Activity 1

In Activity 1, you will compare the components of flags.
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There are fifty images of African flags.  Compare the elements of the flags to the total number of flags.

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Activity 2

In Activity 2, you will compare the ingredients use in a Coca Cola Chocolate Cake. 
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: http://recipes.robbiehaf.com/C/101.htm

Write a ratio to answer each question.

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