Jean Essig

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Apples are the most popular fruit.  They are also the most widely grown fruit tree.  Apples are a delicious and healthy snack.  Varieties of apple trees have been grown for at least 2,000 years.  There are about 7,500 varieties grown worldwide.  The first apple tree was located near the modern city of Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, many thousands of years ago.  By the late 300's B.C. the Greeks were growing several varieties.  European settlers brought apple seeds and trees to the United States.  Trees were growing in New England as early as 1630.  Apples are still grown throughout the world.  Did you know that there are over one hundred different types of apples?  Apples have been associated with many stories and legends.  Have you heard of the legend of Johnny Appleseed and do you know the real story?  Do you know how most apples are grown?  Find these facts and more with APPLES!



You will use the internet to:

1.  Name five varieties  of apples.                                                                                                           


2.  Who was Johnny Appleseed and what did he do?                              


3. How are apples grown?                


4. Find , print and color a page from the apple coloring book?  Find Squigly?               




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