The Solar System

Earth is part of a special family called our Solar System.  Our solar system consists of the sun, the planets, the moon, the asteroid belt, meteoroids and comets.

The objectives of these lessons are:

  Students will be able to:  

  1. Describe the solar system; 

  2.  Name the planets and tell their relationship to the sun; 

  3. Give three characteristics of each planet;

  4.  Arrange the planets in order from the sun;

  5. Understand the meanings of space terms.

  6. Compare the sizes of the planets.

Activity 1:  Students will read a brief paragraph that describes the Solar System.  They are also to read the space terminology that is highlighted in  blue to help them understand space vocabulary.  Students will create a glossary of space terms that include the following:  asteroid, astronaut, astronomer, atmosphere, comet, gravity, mass, orbit, and solar.

Activity 2:  After students have read about the Solar System, they are to choose two planets to for an oral and written report.  Students are to read about the planets and then write three facts about each and answer the quiz question.  Students will give an oral report on one the planets and make a poster that contains a picture of the planet which they can download from this website.  The poster should contain three or more important facts about the planet.

Activity 3:  Display a poster of the solar system.  The planets revolve around the sun on their orbit.  The students will arrange the planets in their relationship to the sun.  

Activity 4:  The students can see the sizes of the planets in relationship to the sun.  This picture shows the planets and their size compared to the sun.

Activity 5:  After the oral reports are given and the posters displayed, students can test their knowledge by playing the Solar System Shuffle and matching the planet to its description.

Activity 6:  In order to understand our Solar System it is important to know important facts about the sun.

Activity 7:  There are many fun and interesting interactive games for students to choose from to help them learn about the solar system.  

Assessment:  Use this worksheet as an assessment.


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