Now that you’ve finished Part 1, Let‘s see what you know
  1. Fuel cell is a device that produces______ by a chemical process

    a) Gasoline b) Hydrocarbons c) Electricity d) Energy


  2. The general make-up of a fuel cell is one that there are two electrodes anode and cathode and in between is a/an_____

     a) Hydrogen gas b) Oxygen gas c) H2O2 d) Electrolyte

  3. The fuel for the fuel cell is generally though of as being

    a) H2 , O2 b) Water , O2 c)H2 ,O3 d) Cl, NH3

  4. IV. The Fuel Cell’s byproduct is the dangerous chemical

    a) HCl b) H2O c) H2O2 d) NH4OH

  5. The fuel cell is small and only generates a volt and maybe a half of an amp .They are practical because they can be__

    a) placed in parallel. b) Stacked in series. c) spread apart d) independent

  6. The oxygen enters the fuel at the anode it picks up an __ and is carried to the cathode .

    a) electron b) proton c) neutron d) H2

  7. The oxygen then goes to the anode where it combines with

    a) Hydrogen gas b) Oxygen gas c) H2O2 d) Electrolyte

  8. The final product of the fuel is electricity and _______

    a) H2 , O2   b) Water , O2 c) H2 ,O3 d) Cl , NH3

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