56 Constructed Words and Definitions

by Carol Giles

A flower


In his exercise, you will use a medical terminology dictionary to determine a word's validity. Place a check next to each valid word and its definition.

herbivore- eater of plant

carnivore-eater of meat

dermatovore-eater of skin

hydrovore-eater of water

cardiovore-eater of heart

omnivore-eater of all

zovore-eater of animal

geovore- eater of earth

herbist- one who specializes in plant

carnist-one who specializes in meat

dermatoist-one who specializes in skin

hydroist- one who specialzes in water

cardioist one who specializes in the heart

omnist-one who specializes in all

zoist- one who specializes in animal

geoist- one who specializes in earth

herbiology-the study of plant

carniology-the study of meat

dermatology-the study of skin

hydrology- the study of water

cardiology- the study of heart

omniology-the study of all

zoology-the study of animal

geology-the study of earth

herbitis- irritation of plant

carnitis-irritation of meat

dermatoitis-irritation of skin

hydroitis-irritation of water

cardioitis- irritation of heart

omnitis-irritation of all

zoitis- irritation of animal

geoitis-irritation of earth

herbiscope-to view plant

carniscope-to view meat

dermatoscope-to view skin

hydroscope-to view water

cardioscope-to view all

omniscope-to view all

zoscope-to view animal

geoscope- to view earth

herbimeter- to measure plant

carnimeter-to measure meat

dermatometer-to measure skin

hydrometer-to measure water

cardiometer-to measure all

omnimeter-to measure all

zoometer-to measure animal

geometer-to measure earth

herbigraph to record plant

carnigraph-to record meat

dermatograph-to record skin

hydrograph-to record water

cardiograph-to record heart

biograph- to record life

zograph-to record animal

geograph- to record earth

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