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The following items will be used as assessments for this first-grade lesson on naming and ordering the planets:


  1. Students will complete and correct the worksheet which they used while on the computer.

  2. Students will participate in all classroom discussions and activities.

  3. Students will write the name of the planet, cut, and paste planets in their proper position in relation to the sun on a  hand-out.

  4. Students will draw their favorite planet and write two facts about it.

   5.  Students will complete a worksheet/test in which they will name and identify the planets based on the descriptions.  


You can follow these space directions.  Take your pencil and crayons and name the planets.


1.  Find the largest planet.  It's name is ____________________________.  Color this planet yellow, and make the storm spot red.

2.  Find the planet where we live.  It's name is _______________________.  Draw a moon going around it.

3.______________________________is the big planet which has many rings.  Color the rings any color of your choice.

4.  ____________________________is called the red planet because it has iron in its clay dirt.  Make this planet red.

5.  This planet is number seven from the sun.  It has a thin ring.  It's name is ______________________________.  Color its ring green.

6.  ____________________________is the planet farthest from the sun.  Color it purple.

7.  ____________________________is called the Morning Star or Evening Star.

8.  ____________________________is the planet that is closes to the sun.  It is very hot.

9.  This planet is a lot like Uranus.  It is number eight from the sun.  This planet is _______________________________.  Color it a beautiful green.

10.  I am not a planet, but all the planets go around me in their orbits.  I am the __________________________.  Color me a hot color.


Solar System Words:

Mercury               Venus              Earth               Mars               Jupiter

                  Saturn               Uranus               Neptune               Pluto               sun                 





Color the planets below.  Cut and paste each planet in its proper orbit.