BEYOND THE CLOUDS                                       

Naming and Ordering the Planets

1.  Look at this picture of space.  It shows you a hot sun and the planets around it.  Count the planets.  How many do you see?  Write the number here.




2.  Now we are going to name the planets.  Go to "Welcome to the Planets".  Here is a picture of the nine planets and other bodies.  Just write the names of the planets below.  Put the name of a planet in each box.


3. What do planets do?  Look at this picture. In the middle of the picture is the sun.  The planets are around the sun. The sun is the yellow ball in the middle.  Put the cursor inside the picture.  Click on the mouse and move the cursor.  What are the planets doing?  Write your answer here.




4.  Here we will see some of the planets.    Name the inner planets.  They are the ones closest to the sun. There are four of them. One planet is Mercury. Write Mercury on the first line. Look at the picture. Write the names of the other three inner planets below. 


_____________________   ______________________

_____________________   ______________________


5.  Now go to outer planets.  Scroll down to the second picture.  Here are the other five planets.  They are far away from the sun in space.  Write their names below.


__________________   _________________   


___________________   _________________

6. Stay on the same site.  You see that the planets travel around the sun.  What do we call the path a planet takes? The word is in dark print, and it starts with an "o".  Write the word here.




7.  The planets go around the sun in their own orbits.  Write the planets in order from the sun.  Go back to inner and outer planets to see the order.  Then play the game, "Where does that planet go?" to make sure that you can order the planets. 



1.___________________   2._________________  




     4.___________________   5._________________   




7.___________________   8.  ________________     




8.  There is one planet with an orbit that is not like the other planets. Scroll down to the picture of the outer planets.  One planet has an orbit that has a different shape.  That shape is called an ellipse.  Write the name of the planet here.




9.  You need to find out what the planets look like.  Click on each planet name to see a picture of the planet.  Draw your picture in the box under it.

Mercury One and Two

Venus One and Two

Earth One and Two







 Mars One and Two

Jupiter One and Two

Saturn One and Two







Uranus One and Two

Neptune One and Two

Pluto One and Two








10.  We will learn some facts about the planets?  Read the riddles below.  Click on the planet word and find the answer to your questions.  Write the answer on the line.


   I have a big red spot.  What planet am I? _______________________

   I travel faster than any other planet.  Who am I?__________________

   I am called the double planet? Who am I? _______________________

   I am called the Morning Star or the Evening Star.  What planet am I?


   I have iron in my clay dirt which makes me look red. What planet am I?  


   I have air that you can breathe.  What planet am I?


   I have over 1,000 rings made of ice and dust.  What planet am I? _________________________________________________________

   I spin around on my side.  64 earths could fit inside of me.  What planet am I?  ____________________________________________________

    I look like Uranus.  Triton is one of my moons.  Who am I?


(Answers to many of the questions can be found by reading this!)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Extra! Extra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a friend and play Planet Tac Toe.  When you get to the game, click on a box on the game board to start. Now play Solar System Shuffle.  When you are finished with these games, do the following:

        1.  Draw a picture of your favorite planet.

        2.  Write the name of your planet under your picture.

        3.  Write two facts your learned about your planet from the games or from doing this worksheet.


            Our trip has ended.  Time to come back to earth.  Bring your papers with you.  We will put your drawings in the Art Gallery.

            (For Teachers:  For assessments click here.)