Sand Affairs

A Lesson Created for Tiny Tots

by Lilla E. Green

This lesson was created as a part of the SMART website and is hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology

Little munchkins, ages two - seven years of age, are so curious.  First their little eyes light up! Then they reach out and touch.  It's a pleasure to observe their learning behavior.  An even greater delight comes if it's your duty to guide and instruct them.

Watch them explore new things.  What do they do?  They spend time feeling, shaking, tasting, listening and talking about their discovery. They don't want to stop! You have to drag them away from the new activity.

This lesson is designed for grades preschool - grade two.  Children will be made aware of the composition and structure of sand.  They will learn how certain animals survive in sand habitats.  They will experiment with sand through a variety of sand activities. 


"Sand Affairs"

Science Lesson

  Grades Pre-school - Grade Three




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Say to the students:

" Have you have ever walked barefoot across a beach on a brilliant summer day?" 

As they answer, write their responses on chart paper.

Ask if the sand was hot, cold, wet, dry, etc?  Have pupils pronounce these descriptive words as you point to them.

Ask them what lives in the sand.  Elicit and note on the chart paper, names of plants and animals.


Sand Activities for 

Preschool - Primary Grade Three

Please click on the activities below and download onto your computer for printing.

  1. Sand Pictures

  2. Sandpaper Print Beach Bag

  3. Sand Beads




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