The Human Body System II: Health 

Appropriate for Grades Kg - 3

by Lilla E. Green

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barney, bj, babybop

" Barney, BJ and Baby Bop Teach Kids About Being Sick"


My Problem:  How do I know when I'm sick?

My Hypothesis:

Materials: overhead projector, transparencies of Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, miniature brain, lungs, food tube (esophagus), heart; crayons, overhead markers

*Children and the teacher discuss the term - "symptoms" and infer that it means signs from the body that tell us important information.  We talk about germs and common diseases that they've encountered.

Next the class creates a list of symptoms that the teacher writes on the overhead projector, and they write them on their papers.

Prior to class time, the teacher traces the characters - Barney, BJ and Baby Bop on transparency film, as well as miniature lungs, brain, heart, stomach, etc.  The teacher reads the class a make-believe story about the time Barney became ill, and his two friends, BJ and Baby Bop, gave him suggestions to help him recover.  As the story is read, the pupils place the transparent characters and the appropriate body parts on the characters.  You can ad lib, as you go along, teaching how germs enter the body through the nose and mouth.  You may want to show how the stomach is involved when we eat something that makes us ill.  Whatever organ is involved, is placed on the overhead projector, and the class and teacher discuss how the body reacts and gives us signs, such as headaches, fever, dizziness, runny nose, red eyes, etc. 

The class gets excited as you wiggle the characters on the overhead screen, and hear the teacher say how the friends comment on Barney's condition.  They begin to add on to the story too.  As they do, they're learning the health concept as well as the language arts skills.

At the end of the science lesson, the class really gets involved in learning to draw each character, as the teacher re-draws Barney, or BJ or Baby Bop - line by line, curve by curve, hair strand by hair strand.  Have the kids diagram each body part that's affected by one of the symptoms they've identified as serious (e.g., fever - draw an arrow to the forehead; sore chest - draw an arrow to the chest; runny nose, red eyes, headache, etc.).  Everyone will experience delightful learning fun!


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