Sand Beads


Objective:  Pupils can make a sand beaded necklace.


plastic measuring cups


1 gallon of white glue

plastic tub

a 2 inch nail

pieces of colored yarn

(optional) seed beads



 Step by step procedure

Mix 1 cup of sand with 1/4 cup of white glue in a plastic tub.

Pinch off enough sand dough to roll a bead in the size you want.

With a nail, poke a hole through the center for stringing.

If the dough is too soft to hold the hole, add more sand until it is stiff enough so that the hole does not collapse.

Let the bead dry on the tray until it's hard.

Tape the end of a piece of yarn that is long enough to make a necklace and string the beads on it.

Tie the ends together to make a necklace.

You can decorate the beads by coloring them with markers or by gluing tiny seed beads to them.

*This activity can serve to make Mother's Day or Grandmother's Day gifts.