Sand Pictures

Duplicate this picture if possible, and share it with the class.

Let them identify what they see in the picture.

Talk with the pupils about the color of this sand, the plants, the sky, etc.

Ask them what time they think this picture shows.  Have them explain their answer.

Tell them they're going to make their own "sand picture."


*Use sand (or salt), mixed with dry tempera paint.

 *Add a tablespoon at a time to the salt/sand to achieve the color you want.

*Use clear jars and make sand pictures by layering the colors. 

*Use pencils to create points around the edges.

* Fill in top with glue to keep sand from shifting when done. 

*Let dry and put lid on.

*Have each pupil talk about their "sand picture."

*Photograph the child and their picture and display these in the classroom.