Mamie Hill

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Spiders are amazing creatures.  To be so tiny, they are able to do many incredible things. 

After reading "Charlotte's Web" to my first grade students, their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning about spiders increased tremendously.

This lesson is designed to teach children (K-2) about spiders and stimulate their interest even more.  The students are to use the internet to find out as much information as possible using the questions below as a guide.  They will use this information to create a simple book about spiders.

Some of  the information that will discovered will be that spiders are arachnids.  They have eight legs and two main body parts.  Most spiders have eight eyes, but some have six, four or two.  Some spiders spin webs and are dangerous and others are not.  Baby spiders are called spiderlings  and they hatch from inside an egg sac.  Spiders live in different places and all sorts of environments. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A few of the questions to help students with researching information is as follows:  

      What type of spiders are found around the house?  Are they dangerous? 

      Is the Black Widow Dangerous?

     Do all spiders make webs?

     What are the different parts of the spider's body?

    What does the egg sac look like?

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