M&M Math


Ellen Hymon

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Introduction: The purpose of this lesson is to get the students familiar with how to estimate.

The students will estimate how many m&m are in the bag. Then the student will graph the m&m on chart paper. The students will also use the internet. The students will also go to some students friendly web sites listed below.


Purpose: To develop student math skills in estimation.


Academic Standards (Objectives)


State Goal 6: Demonstrate and apply knowledge and sense of numbers, including basic arithmetic operations, number patterns, ratios, and proportions.

CAS. 1. Estimate weight/mass, quantity, or temperature by reading and interpreting


Material: M&M candy, graph paper, pencils, and computers.


Activities and procedures: The students will work daily on the internet . They will work on activities that involve

math. They will do baseball math. The students will work with flashcard from the internet. The last thing they will do is work on graphs.

Carry out the following exercise on fractions


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