Math and Shapes in a Shoebox

Geometry for K-5


Barbara P. Lorde

Exploring: Triangles, Rectangles, Circles, and Squares


Students will identify the various shapes in their environment and creat e a pattern  using various shapes.


Multi-pak construction paper, scissors, glue, pencils, and various shapes (triangles, rectangles, circle, and squares)


Cut out various shapes using multi-pak construction paper

Arrange shapes in patterns on large sheet of construction paper

Discuss pattern with classmates and teacher


Math Activities:

Find the area of the rectangle - multiply the length by the with (levels 3-5)

Smaller students (k-2) count the squares

Find the perimeter of a triangle - measure the length of each edge with a ruler, then add the lengths to find the total (levels3-5)

Estimate the area and perimeter (levels 3-5)

Make a bar graph (levels K-5)


Math skills learned:

Counting, identifying colors, identifying shapes, making graphs, estimating, multiplying, arranging patterns and  measuring


Language Arts Skills:

Arrange vocabulary words in alphabetical order


Vocabulary words:

area, perimeter, rectangle, triangle, estimate, length, circle,  edge, measure, square, total, bar graph, width,

patterns, colors, shapes, and multiplying.

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