Betty Marshall

 Objective: The students will be able to identify the components of electricity. Why electricity is so useful? How electricity is use in the home, school, businesses and etc. The components are electric current, electric circuit, fuses, electric charges, static electricity, voltages, conductors and insulators.

Material: Internet, charts, poster boards, battery, bulb and copper wire.

Activity 1: The students will do vocabulary words, using the components above.

Activity 2: The students will do a research paper on the component of their choice. They will use the Internet to do their research.

Activity 3: The students will make a list of what items are use in their homes for electricity.  They will make a chart or table of what to leave on and of while they are not at home.

Activity 4:The students will report to the class on their finding.

Activity 5: The students will do an experiment to show how electricity flows. What happen when their is an open and close circuit.  They will use a battery, bulb and copper wire.

Activity 6: The students will be able to identify the safety of electricity.


Use the sites below to answer the following questions.

1. List the name of the components discuss in class.

2. Name five things in the home that use electricity.

3.Compare and contrast the appliances that can be left on while not at home.

4.Describe the open and close circuit when using a battery to turn on a bulb.

5.Name at least five safety when using electricity.










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