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  1. The students will list reasons why water is important.

  2. The students will identify the causes for why water is polluted.

  3. The students will identify the four categories of water pollution.

  4. The students will take a field trip to Peggy Notebaret Nature Museum (Chicago Academyof Science) “Water Lab.”


All the water that has ever been available to ou planet is over, on, or in Earth right now. On the entire planet there are 1330 cubic kilometers of water. Earth were a “globe 71 centimeters in diameter, all of the water would fill less than one cup. Of that, less than .03% is in our river system and freshwater lakes.

This means that only slightly more than one drop would fill all the lakes and rivers. Lakes and rivers are vital to the water cycle.

All the rain and snow that falls on land evaporates, seeps into the water table, or is carried out to sea. Water that evaporates goes back into the atmosphere to form clouds and precipitate again. Because of the importance of this cycle to life on our planet, it is important that we protect this resource. And yet, each day water is being damaged.

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Thermal-changing the temperature of water above or below normal conditions (such as heated water from power plants)

Organic-oversupplying water with nutrients (such as runoff of fertilizers)

Chemical-toxic substances introduced into water (such as pesticides, acid rain, industrial wastes)

Ecological-pollution caused by natural occurrences (such as sediment)


  1. The students will write letters to government representatives advocating (in some specific way) a cleaner environment

  2. Write a plan to help clean a local waterway

  3. Search the internet using the references and sites below to do a two-page paper.


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