Circumference Quiz

Directions:    Compute then select the correct answer using the left click button on the mouse.
July 2001

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#1.  What's the approximate diameter of the Mr. T doll ?  


a) 6.2 ft.   b) 15.29 in.   c) 3.14 in.   d) 43 yrs.  

#2.  Lisa's roller skates have wheels with a 76 mm diameter.  What  is the circumference of each wheel?

a) 38mm      b) 152mm    c) 238.64 mm     d) 238.64in       

#3.  The circumference of  the flower pot is 15.7 inches. What is its diameter ?    Recycled Flower Pot


a) 10 in.        b)  2.5 in.        c)  30.14 in.       d)  5 in.         

#4.   What is the radius of this circle?diameter = 12 cm


a) 6cm   b) 12 cm   c) 24 cm    d) 3.82cm     

#5. Using the same circle, what is the circumference?       

a) 6cm      b) 24 cm    c)  36 cm     d) 37.68 cm