Instructions that you give to your students for the learning module.

All Students 1.  Students will learn about photosynthesis and how plants store food. View A site on Plants and the Environment.

2.  Students will start to learn basic language related to maple syrup tapping (French and scientific).

3.  Students will learn about Canadian culture.

4.  Students will write a poem about the maple tree in French.

5. Students will learn about maple sap tapping and maple syrup production.  View Fortune Farms Online.

6. Students will make a journal entry on their observations on maple sap tapping.

Cooperative Groups


1.  Groups will develop a game to demonstrate their knowledge of photosynthesis.

2.  Groups will attend a field trip (real or virtual) and tap a maple syrup tree.

3.  Groups will develop a multimedia presentation utilizing power point (or available presentation package) to demonstrate maple sap tapping and maple syrup making.

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