Time Line

This unit will take (9 to 10)Days

Day One--Classroom


Teach the process of photosynthesis. Use manipulatives if available.

Teach about Canadian culture and its dependance on maple syrup production.

Use French and scientific terminology to accomplish the above goals.

Day Two--Internet Lab


Visit A site on Plants and the Environment. to view information on photosynthesis.  The Biology Place is a good resource as well.
Day Three--Internet Lab


Visit Fortune Farms Online and have students go on a virtual tour.  Have students make observational notes and journal entries.
Day Four--Field Trip

Visit a maple sap tapping farm if available. Compare with the virtual tour.
Day Five--Classroom

Discuss and make graphs of the economic situation in Canada because of maple syrup production.   
Day Six-- Classroom

Write a poem in the French language about maple sap tapping.   Illustrate the poem and share with the class.
Day Seven--Internet Lab Have students develop a multimedia presentation on maple sap tapping and the information they gathered from their virtual tour.
Day Eight--Internet Lab Complete from day five 
Day Nine--Internet Lab or Classroom Presentation of Projects
Day Ten--Internet Lab or Classroom Presentation of projects


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