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   Below are steps in the constructive process of  the development of the child's learning throughout this educational site.


Step Title Description
Step 1 Outcomes and Indicators A set of goals set for learning by the students and a set of ways to tell if they indeed learned these things.
Step 2 Project Frame Work A short description of the ideas that are demonstrated through the site.
Step 3 Design Task The steps in creating the site. Including the sources used, skills tapped, and the modes of communication.
Step 4

Step 4a

Rubric A sample rubric is available here.  A rubric is supplied for the game about photosynthesis that students will complete.  Variation and adaptation for your level of student may be needed.
Step 5 Consideration These are considerations the educator should keep in mind while working on this project.
Step 6 Technology Application A list of technology applications and possibilities for this topic.
Step 7 Instructions for the student Receive instructions on interesting things to do about photosynthesis, maple sap tapping or Canadian culture.
Step 8 Instructions for the teacher Instructions on what topics need to be covered and what assignments may be given.  A rough time line is also provided.
Step 9 Student artifacts Sample of student work



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