Gym Shoe Mathematics


Wanda Pitts


Third grade students will be able to measure their feet using inches and centimeters.    The students will also be able to graph their results. 


Rulers, pencils, paper, crayons, and a picture of an oversized gym shoe.


1.  Student will measure their feet using a ruler.

2.  After each student measures their feet, take each size and use tally marks to record response on the graph.

3.  Tally all marks and record data on the graph.

4.  The student will graph shoes sizes with the number of students with the same size on a graph.

5.  Student will use a different color to stand for each shoe size.

6.  After completion of graph each student will design their own gym shoe using crayons and a picture of an oversized gym shoe.

7.  Shoe graph and  designer gym shoes will be displayed in the classroom.

Performance Assessment:

Student will be able to measure using inches or centimeters.

Student will be able to complete a vertical bar graph..


The student used inches and centimeters and now they can find the relationship between shoe size to height.


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