Leticia Rodriguez

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Questions to Investigate

Name three volcanoes in each of the world Regions. (To locate the information click on volcano)

What are the eight stages of  a volcano? (Go to the chronology of eruption on the following National Geographic site Eruptions)

How do earthquakes affect volcanoes? (Within the Eruptions site go to the subduction Link)

" Find out how planetary forces laid the ground work for the eruption, how the toxic fallout affected the islands population, and what it has been like with the fallout of the volcano."( Click on above Eruptions Link)

What  is the Unknown Situation about volcanoes? (Go to Unknown Situation under the Eruptions Link)

To answer the following questions click on Exploring the environment

How is a volcano similar to a wild animal? (within above link go to - Volcanoes and the earth)

How do most volcanoes occur in designated narrow bands?  Why not everywhere such as in your backyard?

Why are some explosive and some not?

For that matter, why do volcanoes occur at all?

How do volcanoes effect weather? (Go to Living with Volcanoes-Volcanoes & Climate)

What types of volcanoes exist? (Volcanolgy)

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