Lakes Work Sheet

Listed below are all the questions you should find in the Lakes lesson. Feel free to print this page out. Unfortunately, this page is not set up for you to type your answers directly into the computer.


  1.   Living things have a job or function in their environment. What is the job or function of water plants in a lake?


  2.   Describe two other water plants that live in a lake.


3.   You are to find and describe a Green Algae and a Dinoflagellate.


4.  Do you believe this group has the same function or a different function than the water plants. Explain!


5. Your assignment is to find two protozoans, draw a picture of each and describe them.


6. find an insect that spends part of its life cycle in water and describe it.


7. You are to draw up a food web using the organisms we have gone through on this page. Draw this food web by placing pictures or drawing of these organisms and showing their relationship by connecting them by lines.