Bacterial Gram Stain Technique
Ed Scanlon

After completing this laboratory, the students will be able to:

Teacher Preparations 

Run off one copy of the Student Procedure sheet and one copy of the Sterile Technique sheet for each student.

Set up one work area with a Bunsen burner for heat fixing the bacteria.

Mark the slides with a number for cross reference with student name or group.

Set up a staining area, away from the Bunsen burner, with the following items:

        All of these solutions stains be in little dropper bottles labeled appropriately.

Use bacteria listed as safe for science classes.

When the students have completed the lab, you will have to collect the slides of bacteria for two reasons.  One, you will want to look at each slide and note which slides show gram positive and which slides show gram negative staining. Make a list of the slide number and either + or - staining for YOUR records so you can check what results the students turn in. Two, you will want to dispose of the slides in a sterile manner by putting them in a solution of 10% bleach.  This can be shown to the students to let them know you followed sterile technique. You may want to ask a couple of students to help wipe down the tables and the work areas with a 10% bleach solution.

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