Continued Fractions


Fred Schaal
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            Back in the early days of Smile, it may have been Smile's first Summer, I did a mini-teach about continued  fractions.  I would like to do a second webpage this Summer--as I did a second mini-teach back then--on the same topic.  I shall write briefly but link profusely.

            Web sites on this topic can be very theoretical.  I  am looking for sites that are the opposite-- practical, empirical, generic , down-to-earth  and the like.  A historical view is interesting, but I am after simple continued fractions that should make more use of a calculators reciprocal key than anything you've done heretofore.

            Holy fudge!  I've been through all the sites from Google for this topic and they are all too theoretical.  Where are the simple  examples of continued fractions?   On to Yahoo! The opening example of this link is almost what I want.  Holier fudge!!  I just found my above mentioned mini-teach.  I've been through two searches--Google and Yahoo--this last link seems to be foreordained since the Big Bang.  Go for it!  Carpe diem!.

            Consarn!  Even my own mini-teach is without an example of a simple continued fraction.  What to do?  Go through my links and try a few of the early examples.  What else?  Bring some of these to me after class and we will see...

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