Jelly Bean Math


Mary Scott

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Grade Level: 1st

 Topic:  Jelly Bean Math

Subject: Math/Science

  • Students will estimate how many jelly beans there are in each jar.
  • Understand  that the weight of the jar is different from the quantity of the jar.
  • Understand how to compare and contras with numbers and  colors. Learn how to make reasonable estimates when observing objects.
  • Learn how to interoperate data on a graph by numbers and colors.

PURPOSE  The purpose of this lesson is to get the students familiar with how to estimate. The students will estimate how many Jelly Beans are in  a bag.  Then the students will graph the Jelly Beans on chart paper. The students will compare and contrast colors of Jelly Beans. The students will use the friendly web  sites listed to enhance their learning about numbers, proportions, and patterns.          



State Goal  6:  Demonstrate and apply a knowledge of sense of numbers, including a basic arithmetic operations, number pattern ratios and proportions.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

CAS B :  Make reasonable estimates when measuring objects, distances, time, and  temperature.

CFS.1    Estimate weight//mass, quantity, or temperature by reading and interpreting.

     Questions to ask the students.

    1.  How do you estimate?

    2. Why should you estimate?

    3. Can estimating help you?

Materials:    Jelly Beans, paper, pencil and crayons. 

This is the graph the student will use.


red brown green orange yellow blue

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