by Mary Scott

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An endangered  animal is an animal that is endangered of becoming extinct unless action is taken to protect it.  Most animals become endangered because of damage to their habitat, such as that caused by building roads, clearing the forest, and air pollution.  As you do research on different animals via the Internet, you will find reasons why these animals are endangered.  What  can you and the government do to prevent them from  becoming extinct.


Grade Level :   3rd


Topic:   Endangered Animals


Subject Science/Language Arts


  • Identify and understand general characteristics and behaviors of at least five animals.  
  • Understand the habitat of and endangered animal.
  • Understand some of the terminology used in the endangered animal life.
  • Learn how to distinguish the difference between animals that endangered and those that are extinct.
  • Use web sites to present oral report on the findings.
PURPOSE :  To learn about endangered animals, their habitats and write a report of an endangered animal of your choice. 




Students will choose an endangered animal to research  using the Internet link supplied  by  teacher.  When students choose the animal they will give details of the animals including habitat, food, and other characteristics of the animal.

Goals:  SG1/CAS A/CFS2:4,5,6,7




Students will use link provided and make a picture book with facts about the Blue Whale. Students will write a story  about whales  for their book.     

Goals:  SG/CAS/CFS:2,A5,B1,2



ACTIVITY 3:   Use the link provided to get important facts about the Bald Eagle. When you get the information create a poem about the Bald Eagle.



ACTIVITY 4: Students will complete an Asiatic Bear fact sheet using information from the web site provided.   Once the fact sheet is completed students will use this information to complete an oral  report

Goals:  SG/CAS/CFS2,A5,B1,2




Students will write a oral report on all information collected on endangered animals. This information  will be presented to the class.  Students will also make a collage of all the endangered animals that they know. 

Goals:  SG1/CASA/CFS2:4,5,6


Resources Needed: A computer linked to the internet.  Notebook, pencil, and paper.
ASSESSMENT: The teacher will assess the students by checking for accuracy  on data fact sheet and completion of collage. 


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