Journal Observation Guide


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Directions for Journal Observation Guide

Rubric for Journal Entry

Background Information and Brochure

First Journal Entry

Second Journal Entry

Click on the Volo Bog Visitor Center

Read articles Volo Bog State Natural Area, Interpretative Programs,  and Volo Bog Natural Features Brochure.   Answer the following questions: 


Third Journal Entry

Search the web sites to identify, define, and describe the meaning of wetland, bog, marsh, and swamp. 


Search the web sites to answer the following questions in complete sentences:  

Review the five zones  in the Volo Bog: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Zone 1:  Herb Mat
Zone 2: Low trees and shrubs
Zone 3: Tamarack Trees
Zone 4: Tall shrubs
Zone 5: Marshland

What's important about each zone?

Field Trip

Make journal entries that are important about each section of the Volo Bog.  One to three questions and/or statement are listed under each section to help you think of some ideas to write a descriptive paragraph  about the Entrance, Outside the Visitor Center, A Split in the Trail, Start of Walkway, Middle of Walkway, End of Walkway, and Beaver Lodge.

Fourth Journal Entry


Fifth Journal Entry

Outside the Visitor Center

Sixth Journal Entry

A Split in the Trail

Seventh Journal Entry

Start of Walkway

Eighth Journal Entry

Middle of Walkway

Ninth Journal Entry

End of Walkway 

Tenth Journal Entry

Beaver Lodge

Eleventh Journal Entry

Now stretch your boundaries by boarding the capsule and trying the extended activities in Part I.

View a YouTube presentation.

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