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Goals and Objectives:

Each student will be able to investigate:

Can you find the answers to the following questions?

What is the Meaning of Scale and Its Relationship to Distance and Size?  Size and Scale Resource  The Thousand-Yard Model or The Earth As a Peppercorn  Museum Project:  Welcome to Our Solar System  A Solar System Scale Model Meta Page Astronomical Scales and Distances


How and Why do planets orbit?1  Why Do Planets Stay in Place? Questions and Answers about the Orbit of the Planets Explore Why and How Planets Orbit


What Are the Different Phases of the Moon? The Moon Change the point of view to 'BOTH' Skywatching Center                                                                                             Virtual Reality Moon Phases What is a Blue Moon? The Hunter's Moon Autumn's Moon Craters How to Make Craters Birthday presents as a function of the phase of the moon.  Moon Information, Questions and Answers

How Can You Tell Time By Using the Position of the Sun? Constructing a Sundial


Constellations:  Stories in the Sky Web Sites for Grade School Children  Stories  The Constellations and the Stars Star Pronunciation  Guide


How Are Seasons Created? A Change of Seasons A Reason for Seasons What Causes the Seasons The First Day of Summer or Winter - the Solstices Observational  Astronomy


What are the tools of the Astronomer? Telescope The Hubble Telescope


Can you identify the purpose of some of the important Space Missions? Space Science Missions  History of the Apollo Space Mission or Historical Space Archives NASA Space Shuttle Launches  Space Exploration Gallery: Explore Previous Shuttle Missions Space Mission News International Space Mission Cosmonauts Adventures Sputnik


Activity: Planet Building Cubes Solar System Puzzle

Space Image Resources


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