Antarctica or Atlantis

Today and Yesterday


Charlene K. Smith

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Today we see the Antarctica as a cold, bleak and desolate place on our planet earth.  Was this ice covered surface always this way? If not, how did it get to be so undesirable?  In my research I wanted to investigate by finding  information to support a variety of learning styles.  The objective of this lesson will involve the student to participate at appropriate levels of assessments to satisfy current learning goals.  I am hopeful that they will interact in a meaningful way to inquire and extend some aspect of information presented.

Objective:      To understand why Antarctica is just as important today as in the past may reveal as fact of fiction.

Where is Antarctica?

What is a Glacier?

History of exploration

Plate Tectonics

Who lives there?

Animals of the Antarctic

What research is carried on?

Atlantis/Myths and Legends

Plato's Story

Antarctica and Penguin Activities/Evaluation

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