by Charlene K. Smith

When we think about money we usually think about work and getting some return for our efforts.  Why do we work?  We arise daily with the intention of "going to work" to earn a living , performing some task, to merit us money.  We work spending our earnings on something or making  a plan to save all that we do not spend.  This may add some conflict to ones life as they progress along their time line from youth to the golden years.  Have you thought about how this money got started in the history of mankind?  I wanted to investigate  how "money" developed over a period of time and the direction that the future may take us in planning our future of spending or saving it. 


Money - What is it worth?

Early History (Barter, Shells, Coins, Paper and Credit)


The History of the Penny


The History of Paper Money


Secrets of Money Making In The United States


The Future of Money

Money Experiences For Kids



What is your money called?

Can you identify each bill and coin?

What is on the front?

What is on the back?

Are there words on your coins and bills?

Do you know what these words mean?

What pictures do you see ?

Describe how your money has changed over the years?

Why did these changes take place?

Design your own coin and paper money

Share your research and design  with your classmates.

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