Department of Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences

August 2004


The courses listed below have been offered to teachers since 2000 under an IIT program called SMART (Science and Mathematics with Application of Relevant Technology).

SMART: Webpage Development for Teachers
MSED 580:
Summer 2000 - Spring 2002
PHYS 580:
Summer 2004 -

An in-service workshop for pre-college teachers that emphasizes web-based instruction in mathematics, science, and computing in the classroom. Prerequisite: certification as a K-12 teacher. Participants in the program will design and produce a web page that contains an interactive lesson in an appropriately chosen subject. Web based lessons developed by our participants are easily accessible by their students, including those with special needs, and offer learning opportunities for those students and others, the world over.

The web pages are prepared in HyperText Markup Language [HTML], and permanently displayed on the SMART website:

By their nature, these courses may be taken repeatedly by teachers without repeating the specific content from one semester to the next, even though the course numbers and titles may remain unchanged. This is the nature of most graduate seminar courses at most universities.

Please contact me at 312-567-5745 at IIT if there are any questions. If I am not in at the moment, please leave a message, and I will return your call.


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