The World of Computers Key Terms


Vickie Townsend

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  1. To identify key computer terms

  2. To learn and understand the meanings of key computer terms

  3. To use key computer terms in sentences

  4. To spell key computer terms by unscrambling the letters.


    1. The students will review various key computer terms. They will apply graphics to the key words to help them associate the meaning of the word with a picture.

    2. The students will apply mnemonics to help remember the computer key terms.

    3. The students will mix and match the words to the meaning of the words.

    4. The students will unscramble the letters to form the computer key terms.

    5. The students will use the computer key terms in context.

    6. The students will complete crossword puzzles using computer key terms.


At the conclusion of the interactive lessons the students will be able to answer questions with at least 80% accuracy.

The students will complete the activities with at least 80% accuracy.

High Energy Physics component:

Calculate the speed of D.S.L. as opposed to cable or the telephone line for assessing the internet.

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