Putting the Value in its Right Place


Brenda Wall

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  Subject: Math    

Grade Level: 4

Objective: Understanding number systems

Student will be able to write numbers in standard, expanded,  and word form

Material:    Pencil, paper, and place value chart

Have the students write their numbers in all of the styles.  Standard , expanded , and word  to enhance their knowledge of place value. To refresh your memory of the forms, click here.



Subject:    Math

Grade Level:    4

Objective:    Understanding number sentences

Place Value:   Student should be able to compare order, Write in  standard, expanded, and word forms of numbers.






Subject:    Math

Grade Level:    4

Objective:    Understanding number systems

Place Value:  Reading and writing numbers

Material:    Place Value Chart

Student will work in small groups, or individually.  They will get on the internet to review terms to familiarize themselves. 

Lesson:   Student will click here to put numbers in standard form and expanded form.


Grade Level:     4

Objective:    Understanding the number system.

Place Value:  Writing the numbers in order; Student will be able to write the numbers from greatest to least; Then from  least to greatest.

Click on to this link to play number game


Subject :    Math

Grade Level:    4

Objective:    Understanding the decimal system.

Material:   Pencil, and worksheet.

Decimals and Percentages: Recognition of decimals and fractions; Student should be able to recognize and name fraction part in ways of fraction, decimal, and percent; On the worksheet, write the decimal that represents the shaded part of  each shape. 

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