Light and Vision

Nathaniel M. Brown Jr. Robert Fulton Elementary School

5300 South Hermitage Ave.

Chicago IL 60609

(773) 535-9000


Explain Normal Eye

Define Refractive Error terms

Explain Refractive Errors

Demonstrate Refractive Corrections

Materials Needed:

The following materials are sufficient for a class of twenty.

  1. 10 shoe boxes
  2. 10 flashlights
  3. 10 glass or plastic jars
  4. 10 glass or plastic jars
  5. 10 scalpels
  6. 1 gallon various liquids (for example, water or vegetable oil)
  7. 10 pencils
  8. 20 eye diagrams



The teacher will demonstrate the construction of a shoe box experiment. To construct the shoe box experiment you would use the scalpel to cut two slits into the end of the box; the slits must be close enough for the light source to cover. Once this is done you would than place a jar of water or liquid in front of the light source.

Steps 1 through 5 (Construction of Shoebox Model)

Performance Assessment:

Students will be assessed in the following:


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