Bubble Festival

Lyvonia G. Hearns Asa Philip Randolph


Chicago IL 60637

(773) 535-9015


My students will discover and learn some scientific and mathematical principles while having fun with bubbles. Nine tables will be set up as bubble learning stations. These stations will demonstrate scientific and mathematical principles.

Materials Needed:

The following materials can be used for three sessions of 30 students.

Lots of water, 2 one-quart containers of Dawn or Joy dish-washing liquid, 2 cups glycerin (available at well stocked pharmacies and scientific supply companies), 1 or 2 packages of paper towels, 150 drinking straws, 2-4 five gallon buckets for mixing bubble solution, 1 empty one-gallon container, 1 one- or two-cup capacity measure, 3 or more squeegees, 1 plastic squirt bottle, 3 dish pans, 1 quart vinegar, 3 dish pans.

Recipe for Bubble Solution:

4 gallons water, 4 cups Dawn or Joy dish-washing liquid, ½ cup glycerin


A classroom of students goes from table to table trying a variety of experiments with bubbles. Signs at each table or bubble challenge students to explore many different concepts utilizing the student’s own sense of curiosity. There will be nine learning stations with activity cards giving specific directions.

  1. Body Bubble
  2. Bubble Shapes
  3. Bubble Measurements
  4. Bubble Technology
  5. Bubble Colors
  6. Bubble Windows
  7. Bubble Foam
  8. Bubble Skeleton
  9. Swimming Pool Bubble

Performance Assessment:

Students will make their own Bubble Booklets. They will record in their booklet their observations after reading and following directions on activity cards posted at each station. Also, students can go further by creating their own activities and recording them by writing or drawing in their Bubble Booklet. Students will have a class discussion on bubble behavior. Students will then make a graph of the different sizes of bubbles, and by writing an experience story or poem can finalize the Bubble Festival.


Bubble Festival: Presenting Bubble Activities in a Learning Station Format by Jacqueline Barker and Carolyn Willard; University of California at Berkeley; LHS GEMS [Grades; K-12]

Bubble: A Children’s Museum Activity Book by Bernie Zubrowski; illustrated by Joan Drescher New York; Little, Brown and Company [1979]