Grab Bag Experiment

Lee, Lucile Warren Palm School
170th & Dixie Hwy.
Hazel Crest, IL 60429

Objectives 1) Students will describe: variable, data, axis, horizontal, vertical, manipulate, and respond. 2) Students will draw a picture of experiment. 3) Students will make a data table. 4) Students will make a bar graph. 5) Students will develop comprehension of recording and analyzing data. Equipment and Materials Plastic container May use: beans Rulers gumballs Graph paper M&Ms etc. Recommended Strategies Discuss new vocabulary. Allow students to pull one handful of beans, and draw a picture of what they just did. After the picture, the students will make a data table. The table should have two columns with the headings: kind and number, or manipulated variable and responding variable. The beans should be sorted and counted, and that data listed on their table. Next, analyze the data on a graph. Plot the manipulated variable on the horizontal axis, and the responding variable on the vertical axis. Stress neatness and accuracy, ie. proper spacing on each axis. Another table and graph might be made using a different manipulative. Students can compare tables and graphs. They might answer "what if" questions. Display completed work on classroom bulletin board. Recommended Questions 1. What is the manipulated variable? 2. What is the responding variable? 3. What kind of bean was most common in your handful? 4. What kind was least common? 5. How many beans did you pull altogether? 6. Will every student pick up the same number of beans? Explain. 7. Is graph number 1 different than graph number 2? Explain.
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