Sklodowski, William Gage Park High

Objectives Determine and Construct models of Hydrocarbons Equipment and Materials Gum Drops, toothpicks Recommended Strategies Have students determine the hydrocarbon types by the three dimensional shapes of building models from molecular formulas. Get students in groups of four. Hand out sheet with molecular formulas of a number of hydrocarbons on it. Give students gum drops and toothpicks, make sure you designate carbon with a dark color and hydrogen with a light color. Set down the rules that: 1. Carbon has 4 bonds, 2. hydrogen has 1 bond, and 3. the hydrogens must be as far apart as possible from the other hydrogens. Let students work on building models, making sure they represent the different molecular formulas assigned to them. Make sure you incorporate the tetrahedral bond angle on the model to really be correct.
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