Physical Changes of Water

Zuger, Nancy Hanson Park School

Objectives 1. To acquaint children with the various changes that materials undergo. 2. Students will participate in phenomenological activities illustrating various changes of material. Materials needed beakers water ice hot plate pictures Recommended Strategies Introduce the concepts of "liquid" and "solid". Students will pour water into a container from a beaker. Ask the following questions: 1. What does the water look like? 2. Can you pour it? 3. If we freeze it, will it still be a liquid? 4. Show an ice cube-observe the ice. 5. How did the water change? 6. Is it still water? Experiment: 1. Put an ice cube on your plate. Sit it in a warm place. Watch it to see what happens to the ice. 2. Record what happens by doing the cut and paste activity on a worksheet. 3. Share the results using discussion and role playing activities.
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