The World of Molecules

Donatello, Therese              Weber High School
Gupta, Harendra                 Hyde Park High School
Mayfield, Mattie                Chalmers Elementary School
Robinson, Veronices             Beasley Academic Center


1) Students will learn basic facts about the formation of molecules. 
2) Students will perform phenomological activities related to ionic and covalent 

Equipment and Materials

magnets            different colors of construction paper
iron filings       comb
salt               notebook paper
pepper             balance
plastic pieces     string

Recommended Strategies

1) Preparation of materials
     Mix salt, pepper and iron filings. Cut a piece of notebook paper into 1cm 
squares. Cut simulated molecules into puzzle-like shapes using different colors of 
construction paper. Cut two (2) plastic pieces the same size, then cut one piece into 
three equal parts. Place atom symbols and oxidation numbers on construction paper. 
Attach string to construction paper to hang on each person. 

2) Instructions
     Use bar magnets to show attraction and repulsion. Use magnet to separate iron 
filings from salt and pepper. Rub comb on piece of wool and place near 1cm pieces of 
paper. Place a large piece of plastic on one side of the balance and the three (3) 
pieces of plastic on the other side. Give each student a piece of construction paper 
with the chemical symbols and oxidation numbers. Then have them form molecules with 
other students. Record information on worksheet and discuss results. 

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