Bleach Chemical Reactions

Verdell Marie Henderson John Calhoun Elementary
2822 W. Adams
Chicago, Illinois 60612


For grade levels 4-6
Purpose is to shows what happens when Bleach comes in contact with various cloth
fibers, chemical colors, nature and synthetics.


reaction, chemical solution, chlorine, control, precaution, oxidation, hydrogen,
observation, synthetic, substance and natural.

Materials Needed:

The following materials will be used by the complete class:
pipettes, test tubes, color cloth, food coloring, ink, leaves, grass,
flowers (optional), bleach, safety glasses and gloves.


1. Explain the procedure to the class; discuss the importance of following
2. Students will be placed in groups of four and the teacher should select
a team leader.
3. Distribute above materials to each group and number the test tubes (1-7),
test tube number 6 is our control tube (bleach).
4. In each test tube place a known substance.
5. Direct the students to place 20 drops of the control in each test tube.
6. Time the reaction in the test tube.
7. Graph the results.


1. Which test tube was the control?
2. Which test tube had the fastest reaction? Slowest?
3. What did you expect to happen? Why?
4. What elements do you think bleach is made of?
5. Name other substances that you think bleach will react upon?
6. What reactions do you think will occur with the chemicals bleach and ammonia?
7 Which test tube resisted the control?

NOTE: This project may be modified for the upper or lower grade levels.

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