The Tests of Fluids for Excess Glucose, Amino Acids and Salicyclic Acid

Russell C. Osantowski Carter
5740 S. Michigan
Chicago IL 60637


6th to 12th grade level
To introduce students to the tests, and to provide hands on experience in
determining whether these tests apply to the fluids involved.

Apparatus Needed:

(For a Class of 14 Students.)
Chemicals are an amino acid, glycine, for the first test (chromatography),
Benedicts solution to test for excess glucose (glucose needed), and iron
chloride to test for salicyclic acid which are also needed.


8 strips of Whatman No. 4 chromatography paper about 20 cm long
Twenty-five 25 x 200 mm test tubes
5 scissors
5 test tubes
5 rulers
5 paper clips and 14 clear plastic cups with blank labels on bottoms.

Recommended Strategies:

1. Explain that 1 of every 2 students will take their cup out of the box that
has their name on it with only their right hand and then they will come up to
the table and set it down and pour in the amount of liquid that you state should
be poured in it. Then they immediately go back to their seats.

2.Explain who your 2 helpers represent according to the attached handout.

3 Have helper explain what their roles are in this experiment.

4. Helper passes out attached sheet after class sings "For He's a Jolly Good

5. Divide class into groups of 4 to do one of attached 3 experiments.

6. Have them count off 1, 2, 3, 4, to be the recorder, reporter, director,

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