The Three States of Matter  

Mary Allen Joseph Warren
9239 S. Jeffery
Chicago IL 60617


Third Grade Level

1. Define matter and mass
2. Identify some properties of matter
3. Compare the properties of different states of matter

Materials Needed:

-plastic glasses -tape (masking) -golf balls
-rulers -rocks -small blocks of wood
-styrofoam cups -notebook paper -food coloring
-small brown bags -3 liter pop bottle -corks
-poster board -sentence strip -string
-syrup milk joy -oil lotion -pea soup
-juice (any kind) -jello -cool whip

Strategy 1. Introduce the three states of matter in a skit 2. Discuss the terms: matter, states, mass, volume, solid, liquid, and gas 3. Write the terms on a sentence strip and display it on the chalk board 4. Discuss previous knowledge on matter (pupil's knowledge) 5 Display a poster board with three pictures: one of the sun, one of a roller coaster, and one of the letter "i" in the form of a riddle 6. Present the lesson in the format of an interview 7. The words solid, liquid, and gas will be printed on pieces of poster board and worn around the neck of each person being interviewed 8. The solid will be presented first as a guest from Africa 9. To prove the solid is solid three experiments will be done. Use items from a small paper bag, sorted according to size, shape, color and weight, on a chart for classification next - to show that solid takes up space drop three items into a glass of water one at a time, measureing after each item (items are a rock, wooden block and a golf ball) 10. Use three styrofoam cups, pebbles, and asheet of plain paper to make a bridge. Place the third cup on top of the bridge with the pebbles inside. Do the same using a sheet of paper folded accordion style 11. Our next guest being interviewed is a liquid from the United States 12. Use colored water in three differently shaped containers to prove liquid has volume 13. Measure a liquid according to thickness - use thick and thin liquids (syrup, juices, milk, pop, ketchup, lotion, joy, pea soup, and oil). Time how long it takes to pour the liquid into another container using a spoon to pour liquid (chart information) 14. Spill some water on wax paper in cookie cutters for shape and to show movement (this will be done on the overhead projector) 15. Our next and last guest being interviewed is a gas from Saudia Arabia 16. Blow on a sheet of paper to prove that gas is all around us and that it takes up space, but has no certain shape 17. Useing a three liter pop bottle, put a piece of paper towel into a cup (styrofoam or paper), push the cup into the bottle of water, take out and show that the paper towel is still dry, the three liter pop bottle should have three fourth amount of water in it 18. Blow up assorted size balloons to show gas fills the shape of an object entered by it 19. Make jello and cut into the shape of the State of Illinois for discussion, cover with cool whip and eat the state for a treat Performance Assessment

Go on a scavenger hunt looking for several items: three solids, two liquids
and one gas. Label each item. Tell what all three states of matter have in

Make a chart with pictures including all three states of matter scattered
over the chart. Pupils will label solids with a large s, liquid with a large
l, and gas with a large g.
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