Alice Stacker Morton Career Academy
431 N. Troy
Chicago IL 60612


1. Students will identify vocabulary words.
2. Students will understand how recycling improves the environment.
3. Students will discuss ways in which recycling is helpful in the environment.
4. Students will identify items in their environment that are recyclable.
5. Students will construct a compost column.

Grade Level 3-6 Special Education

Materials needed:

3-2 liter plastic bottles, marking pen scissors, hot water, paper clips, clear
tape, plastic electric tape, cheese cloth and rubber bands.


A. Discussion on recycling items around the house.
B. Talk about ways to improve our environment.
C. Make a compost column.
D. Separate recyclable items from reuseable items.
E. Plan a program that will benefit your neighborhood.

Students will make a T.V. commercial to impress others that recycling is
important to our environment.
Students will construct a tree using play dough to demonstrate that they are
knowledgeable about recycling, reuse, reduce, and residue in the environment.

Performance Assessment:

A group of students from the United States will be able to work at a recycling
plant in Japan. In order to participate you must be able to pass the following

Do you and your family recycle the following things at home? Circle Yes or No?
1. Plastic containers 3. Tin cans
2. Newspapers 4. Paper products

1. Students can distinguish objects made from renewable and nonrenewable
2. Students understand how recycling turns old products into new ones.
3. Students can identify actions they can take to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Guidelines for Scoring: 10=100; 9=90; 8=80; 7=70; 6=60, etc.

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