Oobleck/Slime War

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These lessons can be used with students first through eighth grade
depending on the level of complexity. Students will:
- observe the properties of different slimes
- test the properties of different slimes
- use a pie graph to graph the liquid/solid properties
- compare and contrast the properties of slimes

Materials Needed:

Per pair of students:
(mix to make Oobleck) (mix to make Glurch)
1 container 1 container
2 cups of corn starch 1 cup laundry starch
1 cup of water pinch of salt
food color (optional) food color (optional)
fragrance (optional) blob of white glue

Per lab station:
2 containers
2 plastic bags
news paper


1. You or the students make the Oobleck. Have students observe the
properties of the Oobleck and then write their observation in lab

2. Have students test and record the properties of Oobleck. Possible tests
- slowly poke finger in Oobleck
- quickly poke finger in Oobleck
- pour Oobleck into a bag
(Does it pour? Does it take the bags shape?)
- roll the Oobleck into a ball
- hit the Oobleck with a hammer
- heat the Oobleck
- bounce the Oobleck

3. Make the glurch and compare the two slimes. Some comparisons include:
- which is more elastic (bounce, stretch and blow a bubble)
- which is more fluid (pour, run through fingers)
- have students create their own comparisons

Performance Assessment:

You can grade the student's written observations. Make a lab sheet and
grade the students observations of the tests. The pie graph can be graded for
its correspondence to the test observations.


1. Goo Yuck Aims Education Foundation

2. Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss
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